Open Positions:

Labor Doula, Postpartum Doula, Massage Therapist & Childbirth Educator

Required Skills and Attributes

We’re looking for individuals who first have strong technical skills and a solid education in their profession. We expect that customer care will be a priority, as generosity and service are at the heart of our mission. Promptness, cordiality and warmth are necessary.

You’ll be joining a busy environment with several opportunities for referrals from our own client base. You will be promoted through our marketing channels. It’s also expected you’ll contribute to building your clientele, and we want to hear your ideas about how to do that. An interest in contributing to our newsletter or blog is a tremendous plus.

The Ideal Candidates for this role:

Have experience and/or training in the areas outlined above. (Trained or willing to train)
Is at least moderately involved in social media, and willing to engage on behalf of the company.
Is interested in writing articles and educating the public about the benefits of his/her modality.
Likes working in a group environment, and willing to participate in occasional meetings to brainstorm ideas for bringing life and love to our growing community.
Has a strong connection with our mission and values.


How to Apply

If you’re qualified and interested in working with the Destination Baby team, please contact Brittney at with your resume. Selected candidates will be screened with an initial phone call then asked to come in for a demo experience and interview with the owner.