Fertility Support

If you're here reading this, conception hasn't come as easily as you thought it would. You're doing all the right things - having sex - charting - taking ovulation tests- maybe even some herbal or medical interventions- and nothing. Perhaps you have been trying to get pregnant for awhile. Maybe your doctor has told you that you have a condition such as PCOS, Motility issues or Endometriosis that is preventing pregnancy. Your ready to try again after a miscarriage or maybe your doctor isn't really sure why you aren't getting pregnant.

Those you've opened up to about your infertility say "you're young", or "it'll happen, stop stressing", "insert religious quote here". Some told you to "stand on your head", others "eat pineapples". They all have there place in helping, but what you need is someone to listen, hold your hand, support you and get you the resources you need and want.

And that's where I come in.

I'm Brittney, your Fertility Doula.

There are all kinds of doulas. Labor doulas, postpartum doulas, even bereavement doulas. Then there's a fertility doula. Through personal experience and additional training, as a Fertility Massage Specialist, I support families that struggle with infertility.