I eat my son's baby food.

Yup you read that correctly. I eat my son's baby food. However if your like me you do to. 

 My son has a lot of food allergies so finding foods that he enjoys has been a task in itself. I was super curious as to how his food tasted. What I didn't expect was to like it.We both have our favorite, so I'm sure to buy extras when I go out. My favorite snack right now is  Kiddylicious. Right now I'm stuck on the banana bites. It's kinda weird because bananas aren't my first go to fruit. But it doesn't stop there.


Now not all baby food is created equally, I've had my moments where I was on the verge of puking. However surprisingly majority of the baby food I tasted was good. By eating my sons baby food I totally got why my son was turning his nose up to certain food. If you combine that with his already limited food choices, we slowly found heaven on earth with companies who were food allergy conscious.  But only few I look forward to buying when we go to the store. Here's a list of our favorite baby foods. 

  1. Breakfast Food; Cream of Wheat mixed with any homemade fruit puree (blueberry has been the best so far) Gerber fruit also works
  2. Lunch/Dinner Food; Homemade  turkey spaghetti,  Green Beans, Steamed broccoli, baked chicken, 
  3. Snack/ Dessert Foods; Kiddylicious dried fruit, Happy baby organic puffs, Plum organic teensy fruits and Gerber garden tomato crunchies

The best of them all is One Dish Cuisine. We can take our son there for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert and he has a variety of options. I eat the foods he eats and its amazing. If you are a fellow Marylander with food allergies One Dish Cuisine is the place to be. There's so much about food allergies to cover, so be sure to look out for our upcoming post. Q&A with local doctors. What's your favorite baby food?