Do I get to celebrate mothers day?

The answer is YES

If a mom gives birth vaginally with or without medication she is still a mom.

If a mom has a cesarean birth, it doesn’t always mean it was horrible. Whether by emergency, repeat or by choice, you are a MOM.

If you’ve decided to use a surrogate whether with your eggs or not, you are a MOM.

If you decided to adopt a child or take care of children that aren’t biologically yours, you are a MOM.

If you’ve miscarried a child, no matter the gestation of the pregnancy, you are a MOM.

If you have fur babies, because you love animals, you are a MOM.

Mothers day is just around the corner and we want all moms to be celebrated.

So many times in life, women are made to feel less than because of their choices. Often times more than not, somethings are just out of our control.

Just as a person’s choice on how they birth doesn’t define whether their birth was a good birth or not. There’s no one way to become a mom. Each time you add an addition to your family each one can be different than the last.

There are a lot of reasons why some people may feel they aren't suppose to celebrate Mothers Day. We at Destination Baby would like to say Happy Mothers Days to everyone. We know sometimes the journey to motherhood can be hard, which is even more reason to celebrate you. Moms sometimes have to do the hard things. Whether its late night doctors visits or spending your last dollar, moms do whatever it takes to make sure our loved ones always feel at home and cared for.

So, how’d you become a mom?

We want to hear your birth stories and share with the world the many ways you’ve become a mom. Or maybe you have a mom in your life that you would like to celebrate, lets hear your story too. 

You can submit your story via email or Facebook.

Please included a picture if you’d like.

Let us know if you want your story to be anonymous, first name -last initial or first initial- last name 

We will post 1 birth story each day with no end date. 

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