Types of Cloth Diapers

I get asked alot about cloth diapers. So I thought I would share the basics with you. 

Cloth diapers have evolved so much from the stick pin and a piece of cloth. Usually when someone here's cloth diaper that's the first visual to pop in their heads. There are 5 basic types of cloth diapers. If you are considering cloth diapers here are the basics. As your baby grows, you may find yourself online again looking for different cloth diapers.  I always suggest to parent get a starter pack of all the diapers. You may or may not use them but they are great backup options. Below I have included Meme's to easily share cloth diaper information.

I personally preferred pocket diapers because they were supper convenient.   The bigger my son got the more of a heavy wetter he became. Now I prefer AIO diapers. They are perfect for night time diapers and heavy wetter. 

Although cloth diapers have evolved over time, they do require extra work. You can expect 3-4 extra loads of laundry a week. I personally think a good stash of 60 diapers is ideal. However 20-30 cloth diapers is considered normal. 

My son personally has about 80 cloth diapers. I change him every 2-3 hours just like with disposable diapers. We wash every 2-3 days. My son has sensitive skin so we wash his diapers with just plain water, twice. Every other wash we use Just The Basics Laundry Detergent  . I've been cloth diapering 16 months with no stink, stains or build up.

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My cloth diaper experience is uniquely mines. What works for my family may not work for yours.

At Destination Baby we are all about customization, having questions or concerns about cloth diapering? Contact us today and have a one on one class in your home.