Meet Liz


Liz Viernes

Photographer | RN

I'm always searching for the best of the best and I've found an amazing photographer. Well, actually I should say she found me. But I've fallen in love with her work since. I got the chance to sit down with her at Luckies, in Hanover, MD and she is absolutely amazing. If you are looking for light and airy photos, shes definitely the person to go to. We talked for hours and have a lot more to discuss, but the things we have coming up are going to blow you away.

Get to know her a little bit below, then head over to her website!

1.) What sparked your interest in photography? 

After graduating from college, I moved to Seattle where everything is beautiful and discovered a love for photography. It wasn’t until after my first child was born that I bought my first DSLR and learned the joy of freezing moments in time. After all my children were in school and I had more time to myself, I started taking classes, developing my style and posting about it on Facebook. Friends began asking me to take their photos and my business was born!

2.) What services do you provide? 

I’m primarily a natural light photographer with a bright and airy style. The majority of my work is in maternity and newborn (my heart is with the mommas and the babies and I offer maternity shoots, posed or lifestyle newborns and I recently added Fresh 48 sessions to my line-up!) but I also work with families, high school seniors, children and couples. I tend toward lifestyle photography and candid moments much more so than posed - I adore capturing real, authentic moments. 

3.) What your favorite type of shoot and why? 

That would have to be a toss up between maternity sessions - witnessing the love and tenderness between a couple as they look forward to the approaching birth of the precious life they created together - and lifestyle newborn sessions - there’s something so captivating about documenting the raw emotion as a new family begins life together. When a moment is captured in time, that memory sticks. Moments that are not documented fade away. Seeing the joy and wonder of new parents over their tiny baby or noticing a young mother with her little ones gazing at her with adoration in their eyes - these moments happen all the time but to continue to be able to capture them for my clients so that they can remember them for years to come…that is ultimately my favorite. 

4.) What areas do you serve? 

I primarily shoot in Montgomery and Howard Counties in Maryland but, recently, a lot of my lifestyle newborn sessions have also been in DC. I have had clients from Columbia, Laurel, Ellicott City, Fulton, Rockville, Burtonsville, Olney, Clarksville, Silver Spring, Bethesda, Annapolis, Severna Park, Odenton and the surrounding Baltimore area.

5.) So, I heard you will offer limited availability for birth photography. Is this true? 

Yes! Brittney has mentioned that her clients have been requesting birth photography! I’m also a registered nurse (the first 9 years of my career were in postpartum and newborn!) so, while I’m now in the school setting (my current job is an on-call overnight position that frees me up in the daytime to dedicate to photography), I will be taking a limited number of birth sessions in June and July when school is out for the summer!

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