15 Breastfeeding Affirmations to get you through the tough days

Breastfeeding is difficult for most women. It takes a lot of learning for you and baby, individually and together. Here are some affirmations to get you through the days of struggle.

  1. My baby and I are learning to work together to make breastfeeding successful.
  2. My body makes all the milk my baby needs.
  3. I have everything it takes to breastfeed my baby.
  4. I appreciate the work my body is doing to nourish my baby.
  5. My baby and I are bonding.
  6. Even though I feel overwhelmed, I can still do this.
  7. It’s okay that I feel exhausted because I am working hard.
  8. I can make it another 10 hours. I will fight for another 10 hours.
  9. I am doing my best.
  10. It’s great if my baby wants to nurse often.
  11. My body was made to do this. I can relax and let it happen.
  12. It will get easier one feeding at a time.
  13. I can ask for help whenever I need it. I have a great support system.
  14. I am proud of myself for pushing on.
  15. I am the best mother for my baby.

Remember to call us immediately if you need help with achieving your breastfeeding goals. That’s what we are here for.