7 Essentials for Breastfeeding 

Nursing clothing. Unfortunately, not every one of your adorable outfits is going to be practical
when it comes to taking baby out into the world. You are going to want some nice outfits that are easily boob accessible. Aside from nice outfits, you are also going to need some basic nursing clothes to make your life more comfortable. The basics include nursing tank tops and nursing bras. Trust me, those clips make all the difference in comfort and ease.

Nursing pads. One of the more unpleasant realities of breastfeeding is that when you are
nursing on one side, there tends to be leakage from the other breast… sometimes A LOT of
leakage. In order to keep your bra and shirt from getting soaked you are going to need some
absorbent nursing pads to tuck in there. Nursing pads come in both disposable and washable
form. A good idea would be to decide what would work best for you and put lots of pads on your registry. You’ll want a stash of those!

Snacks and water. Breast milk is over 80% water so...yeah, a breastfeeding mom can get
dehydrated very quickly. Additionally, your body burns about 120 calories each nursing session.
That can be close to 1000 calories a day depending on the baby. In order to feel energized and
healthy, you must eat and drink often throughout the day.

Pump and parts. Although a pump is not necessary early on, most moms will have to go back to work eventually. About a week before your return to work, you will have to start storing extra milk for baby to drink while you are away. Knowing how to use your pump will make this transition much easier. You may also want to have double the pump parts. The last thing a new
mom needs is to find a 24 hour Walmart at midnight when a part breaks.

A comfy pillow. You will be holding a beautiful baby for an average of 20 mins straight every 2-
3 hours. Your arms will be extremely sore if you don't have some help. Pillows made specifically for breastfeeding contour to moms body, making it even more comfortable for both mom and baby to nurse as long as they please.

A support system. Breastfeeding is very exhausting and time consuming. It’s important for new
moms to have people who will help her be successful. Partners could pick up some extra
duties such as changing diapers and cooking meals. Hiring a postpartum doula can alleviate
lots of stress for those first few days as you adjust to breastfeeding. And of course, having a
lactation consultant who can assist with any challenges that arise will encourage you to press

A confident attitude. You are going to do great. Yes, breastfeeding is hard but that's just
because it's new to you. You will get used to it and it’ll become so much easier for you. You are going to kick butt at this breastfeeding thing.

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