Amber S (The birth of Isabella )

I went in on the evening of November 29th for my second attempt at induction (first try did absolutely nothing) 
They placed cervidil at 7:32pm had mild contractions all through the night. At about 8:00 am dr checked me and I was 2cm he inserted a foley balloon to help dilate... It popped inside me while being inflated 😖 ouch. (Felt like a rubber band to the cervix)  He then inserted another foley and it stayed in until about 9:20 when it also popped inside me. They started the pitocin a few minutes later. At 11am the dr came in and artificially ruptured my membranes. That hurt so much!! Because I was only 3cm and 25% effaced....
But a bunch of blood came out with the water, and baby's heart dropped from 140's to 80's suddenly completely terrifying!! They put a mask of oxygen on me and put internal monitors on her after a few minutes her heart rate came back up. But continued to dip a bit for a few hours. The bleeding continues as well as passing a clot bigger than a golf ball!! 
The bleeding eased up a bit after that. 
I was checked and about 4cm by 1pm. I had tried getting up to go potty with my mother & friends help. When suddenly the damn labor bed came apart & I fell down between the bed & frame hard. Immediately going into hard contractions. 
The nurses rushed in checked on baby & did all the reports.
Contraction became incredibly intense. 
I labored like this for about 2 hours using my peanut ball and music and breathing. At about 4pm  things really amped up suddenly I couldn't talk or concentrate well through contractions. I became extremely focused on the word BLUE and was using it for imagery with closed eyes and breathing during contractions my music & head phones cranked up as high as it could go. I was checked and 6cm. 
Well suddenly at 5pm contentious gripped me harshly and I was vocalizing ow ow ow ow and breathing very harshly panting and squeezing anybody close by my poor mom, hubby & friend. I was in tears I couldn't stop them from coming. Checked at 7cm. I refocused and was starting to ride the contraction waves out. But I suddenly had this intense pressure & I knew exactly what that feeling was. I scream for the nurse demanded that I be let up, scream at everyone, said I couldn't, wouldn't, do this. Felt like I was dying ect... Transition 5:10 I was 9cm and told to breathe don't push!!! Nurse ran out like crazy. But next contraction I felt the ring of fire each contraction crashed down and blended while I felt the most intense pressure in my bottom and burn and feeling of baby coming down. She began crowning. Nurse rushed in no doctor in sight I could no longer breath instead of push. I announced she's coming now!!!! Gave a big amazing push that felt soooo relieving and she was out!!! My nurse Kim caught her!! No tearing no stitches. Best relief ever!! Born at 5:40 pm She began crying!! Placenta came out shortly & that felt really really good and reliving too. I nursed her for about 2 hours off and on lots of skin to skin. And
It was my most satisfying birth by far it was exactly what I needed and very healing from my nightmare of a birth prior. Remember ladies who are doing it natural when you suddenly feel like you can't go on & it's too much that means you're really progressing and heading into transition!! Keep breathing focus on your word or picture and crank up the music, cry, vocalize, and breathe. Surround yourself with great support people. Sooooo happy my little Isabella is earth side! Incredibly blessed!! Thank you for reading 😊

Photos by: Cris Voss Photography

Part 1 and Part 2 Coming Soon

Happy Mother's day to you Amber, and thank you for sharing your birth story.

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