Carrie O Part 2 (Scheduled Cesarean)

I live in a small area where few doctors offer moms the chance the have a vaginal birth if they've already had a csection. The few doctors that do, generally aren't accepting many new patients. I accepted the fact that I'd be having a repeat csection and actually felt relief in not having to make the decision. I liked the idea of being able to know exactly when my baby would be born and I liked knowing what to expect. 
On January 5th, 2015 it was time. We woke up early, barely 4 AM, and went to the hospital. My parents met us there to keep our other son company, knowing he would be a handful in the hospital environment. I had sent him a small backpack filled with toys, snacks, a few dollars for lunch, and a change of clothes for emergencies. I held his hand and told him it was time to start our scavenger hunt to find baby brother. He went with Maw Maw and Paw Paw and explored while I checked in to the hospital and got set up in my room. We waited. And waited. And waited. Two other moms had come in at the same time as me, and were in active labor, giving them priority.

At 10 AM they sent a team from anesthesia to talk to me about the spinal block and what to expect. They told me they would wheel me to the OR and then transfer me to The operating table before doing the block. 
At noon, they finally came for me. They kept my husband in our room So he could change into a pair of scrubs and be sterile in the operating room. They took me into the room and helped me get settled on the table. I'd like to say this is where things got scary and made me reconsider having another baby. I hunched over and admired everyone's shoes while they poked on my back finding the right spot. It burned. Awful. I cried and wanted to vomit, the burning was so intense. I seriously thought I was going to pass out. They laid me back and asked if I was ok. No. Definitely not ok. And looking back, I might have been overreacting a little.

Anyways. They let me lay for a few minutes and calm down before they brought my husband in. A few minutes came and went, but I wasn't any calmer. I was actually even worse. My arms were shaking beyond belief. I'd heard of that before, it's a side effect from anesthesia, but I was so caught off guard. It wasn't like that when I had my first.

I remember a short conversation with the anesthesiologist while he was numbing me up. I asked him if he was going to strap my arms down. He laughed and asked if I was going to try and help Dr. L deliver my baby. I told him no And promised I would keep my arms to myself. He laughed and said ok. When I started shaking so bad, I told him I thought I wasn't going to be able to keep my promise because I had no control over my arms. He smiled, patted my arm, and told me I would do just fine.

They settled an oxygen mask over my mouth And that's about the time something soured in my stomach and I tried to vomit. Do you know how hard it is to vomit when you can't move your arms and from your breasts down feel completely numb? I ended up not getting sick, but I definitely did this weird and super unattractive gagging dry heave burp thing. I was thankful they hadn't brought my husband in yet, because it was horrifying.

My OB asked me if I was ok, and I honestly didn't know. I felt so out of it, but there at the same time. It was like the realist dream I'd ever had. I could vaguely hear him telling the Anesthesiologist that if they couldn't get me to settle, they'd have to put me under. That scared me even more. And thankfully the fear put me in my place a little. I told them I just needed my husband. So they brought him in and I squeezed the daylights out of his hand. I began doing the weird burp thing again, and cried because it was definitely not the birth I had pictured.

And then something happened, and looking back, It's hilarious. The man next to my head says "Dad, do you want to stand up and watch him be born?" and I hear a very weak "I don't think I can." I turn to look at see my husband a very ugly shade of pale. They quickly took my oxygen and passed It to him, clearly he needed it more than me. He Sat for a minute while baby wails fill the room and eventually said he was ok. And then his eyes went HUGE. He looks just past the curtain and says "Elliott just peed on the nurse."

"You can see him?" I asked. He nods and tells me that they are taking him to the little cart thing cleaning him up. A few minutes pass and they let my husband hold him and show him to me.

The nurse tells him it's time to go. I watch them walk away and watch the ceiling. It was about then something hit me. My face itched like crazy! I crinkled my nose trying to soothe the itch to not luck. The anesthesiologist must have noticed my distress and told me I could scratch as long as I didn't try to help close my incision. Deal! Oh sweet relief!

Eventually the time came to go to recovery and the itch came back with a vengeance. They gave me something to help with the itch and promised it was a side effect to the medicine they had given me in the operating room.

Once the itch was gone and my stomach had settled, they let me go back to my room where I was able to nurse my sweet baby boy, who 15 months later still likes to pee on people, just like he did in the operating room.