F.A.Q's Joli Adore Photography Edition

When is the best time to book during pregnancy? 

Many women like to wait until after 12 weeks, which is fine. Overall, the best time is whenever a pregnant mama knows that she desires to have her birth documented. Due to the limited availability for birthing mamas on my calendar, I would say the sooner the better.

How far will you travel & how long does it take you to get to my hospital?

This is where communication between client and photographer becomes crucial. Typically, I tell my clients I have a 2-hour window from the time you call me until I'm by your side. Once I get that initial phone call or text saying, "hey, just a heads up, something's happening", I'm already prepping myself in anticipation for the next message saying, "it's go time!". I currently travel within 50 miles of Jessup, MD. 

How many images will I receive in the digital collections?

Your collection price includes ALL usable photos, which is usually over 100 digital images in your private gallery.

When do you arrive for the birth and how long will you stay?

I usually go with my gut, but if your being checked for dilation, I'm heading to you when you hit 5-6cms. If you opt out of cervical checks, that's when my instincts kick in. For example, I had a 3rd time mom that had been contracting for 2wks call me at 3 a.m. to tell me her contractions had intensified and she was preparing to head to the hospital. I knew that she could possibly go fast, so we basically got to the hospital within a few minutes of each other. She was checked and was 5cms. I just went with my knowledge and gut instinct. Every labor is different and things can change very quickly. I'll remain with you through birth and up to 2-hours postpartum to capture your baby's firsts - skin to skin, feeding, measurements, and even sibling meetings, if this applies.

What happens if you’re in attendance but labor stalls? 

Whether it takes 2 hours or 30 hours, I'm with you until your baby is born. I may take a short break from shooting, but other than that, I'm there until the end.

What happens if you don’t arrive before my baby is born?

If I happen to miss your birth, I'll still come to get those first moments with your baby and also offer a fresh 48 or lifestyle newborn session. 

Are you aware of the policies surrounding photography at my hospital?

It all depends on if I have experience with that particular hospital. I encourage all moms to research and find out what the hospital policy is for birth photography. You can contact the hospital directly and ask your doctor.

What if I have a C-Section? Can I still have a birth photographer?

The operating room is typically reserved for the patient and one other person, usually the partner. However, the decision to allow photography in the OR is made by the anesthesiologist and/or your provider. If I am not allowed in the OR, I will still document those moments leading up to and the moments after with your baby. I'll also capture anything happening outside the OR, like awaiting family members.

Why are some birth photographs bright, sharp and crisp while others are dark, soft and grainy?

I believe it depends on the photographer's style and the amount of available light. My personal style is intentionally on the "moody" or darker side. However, I also use a speedlight to offset grain and to give the image sharpness. So while they are dark, most do not possess visible grain. Lighting can be very tricky in the birth space. There will be times during labor that I choose not to use my speedlight, either for artistic reasons or to just give the environment a rest from it, so some grain may be introduced. Again, it all depends on the amount of light in the room.

I am concerned about “private shots”; I don’t want graphic pictures, what assurances can you give me on this?

I respect my client's modesty and wishes when it comes to telling their birth story. Birth is not only a physical process, it's also emotional. We'll discuss where you would like me to stand during the pushing phase of your labor so that you are assured that I get only the shots you desire.

Will my images appear online anywhere – website, social media, etc?

Only with your permission. Once your private online gallery is delivered to you, you'll have the option to choose which photos you allow me to share. If you want to keep the entire gallery completely private, that's fine too. The choice is yours.

Is there anything we can do that makes the photography easier for you?

Just be yourselves. That's the blessing of documentary/lifestyle imagery - no stiff posing or fake smiles. I'm there to capture your family being their authentic selves. 

Can we arrange a time to meet in person to discuss my expectations?

We sure can! This is YOUR birth story so it should be told with you in mind. Your wants, desires, and safety are my top priority. In addition to that, your birthing space, whether at home, hospital, or birth center, is intimate & sacred and I want you to feel as comfortable as possible with my presence. Just tell me what you're craving at the time, so we can meet, feast, and chat about your birth plan.