To the families I support!

To the families I support,

Just getting home from a birth and I'm tired, that is true. But it is a tired that I would do over again and again.

Much of what I do is give during a birth.

I give support both physically & emotionally.

I provide education when asked, reassurance when my client is unsure.

I nurture my clients.

I massage them, use accupressure points to help with the discomforts of childbirth.

I use birth balls, peanut balls, rebozos and 95% of the time my hands and voice to support my clients.

I instinctively follow her lead.

I listened to what her body is saying, what her moans & groans say- because in transition she can not speak.

I know her in a way, she hasn't come to know herself.

She is fierce, a warrior, a queen, a goddess of sorts.

She does what feels right in the moment and no matter the decision she is always right.

She is me- she is you- she's a mother, and as your Doula I'm everything that is you.

I find great joy in supporting families. When I finally leave the birthing space I sit and I reflect. I'm touched by every family I support and it brings me great joy to be so tired in the end. Being a part of your birth team is an honor and I do it with great Joy! -Brittney Riddick